While I’ve never asked a client to write a thank you note, over the years some have come in, both from clients whose cases I have won and even, in fact, from clients whose cases I have lost.

My hope is that, at the end of a case, what each client feels is that I gave it my all. For that, a note of thanks is appreciated.

The following is a representative sample of notes that I have received over the years.

“Thanks so much, Douglas, for your excellent legal guidance through a process we did not fully understand. You made the whole ‘going to court’ ordeal tolerable. More importantly, we really appreciate the candid, forthright and spot-on appropriate and necessary advice (‘Time to wake up and smell the coffee, dude; time to get back on track!’) that you gave our son. He heard it loud and clear from you, when he didn’t really want to hear it from us.”

“Thanks for your help when we needed it most.”

“I am writing you this note to tell you how grateful I am for everything you have done for (name withheld) and our family. Your kindness and compassion in leading (name withheld) through this emotional and physically draining ordeal has been remarkable. The balance and boundaries you maintained while dealing with (name withheld) fragile and vulnerable condition has added greatly to (name withheld) ongoing recovery.”

“Doug: I thank you for standing beside (name withheld), for fighting the fight. Thank you, that one day (name withheld) will be free.”

“Dear Doug: I cannot tell you enough or even articulate the right words that could express (name withheld) and my gratitude for all the hard and wise work you did on (name withheld) case. We are well aware of what a challenging and unusual case this one has been & thank you for taking it on.

“I commend you for the service you do for people and for your passion for doing what is right. You have proved to us, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you are an excellent lawyer. Your strategies, your attention to detail, your knowledge of the law, your wonderful likable and witty personality and your sense of drama are what make you excellent.”

“You have been blessed with a talent and we are very glad you are using it in a positive way.” (This note of appreciation came after a complete ACQUITTAL at trial. In this case, the client was an ex-Marine, Honorably Discharged, who was accused of Felony residential burglary PC 459, a Strike under the 3 Strikes Law.)

“The denial of section 1538.5 motion is reversed [on appeal]… It could not have happened without brilliant work on your part.” (This note was from the Appellate counsel. Client was in possession of LSD. 4th Amendment research law and motion work resulted in suppression of evidence because of police misconduct. Charges dismissed.)