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I represent people accused of crimes in the Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Francisco Bay Areas. I also represent those who may be under a cloud of suspicion and wish to be independently represented as their case is investigated. Sometimes we can stop a prosecution in its tracks.

Defending against an accusation of crime requires top-notch Investigation, on-point Research & Writing, hard-nosed Negotiation, the smart use of Expert Witnesses and a good lawyer running the team. Criminal Defense Attorney Doug Fox strives for the best result on each and every case.

EMPOWERMENT: Know your rights. Avoid surprises. You can have counsel who inspires hope which can affect results.

The US Constitution provides for an accused to be represented effectively by an advocate trained, prepared and experienced to fight back against the well-funded District Attorney’s Office. Even the playing field. Be confident with a criminal defense lawyer with a long and recent record of winning cases and achieving favorable plea bargains.

FACT: Each person accused in the USA is entitled to the PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE and other valuable and enforceable CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

Criminal defense lawyer Douglas Fox has “walked the walk” not just talked the talk. After more than 80 jury trials including numerous NOT GUILTY verdicts on charges of murder, domestic violence, drunk driving, 3 strikes, marijuana, other drug crimes, burglary and many more, he knows how to WIN!

Many lawyers may talk tough with you the client. They may tell you how they are fighters who will go to bat for you in court. But then, at crunch time — when it counts — they crumble before the prosecutor and judge, to your surprise and detriment.

Mr. Fox is past President of the Santa Cruz County Criminal Defense Bar, and a member of other professional associations, including the Criminal Law section of the California State Bar.



Marijuana and drug cases always involve the US Bill of Rights which can be litigated in other criminal cases but especially drug cases. These are usually victimless crimes, meaning that the witnesses against an accused are professional testifiers, the arresting police officers. This can intimidate a client but it only provides fodder for the diligent attorney. Even where one is guilty of posession, thanks to Propositions 36 and 215, it is far easier to avoid any time in custody.

Attorney Douglas Fox has tried many drug cases over the years, including a not guilty verdict on a 3 Strikes case (25 years to life), narcotics possessed for sale, and many other case victories.


Driving under the influence is actually a very complex charge which raises college level questions of science, and social issues (picking a DUI jury is akin to a sex crime case; everybody knows somebody who has been hit by a drunk driver it seems). DUI’s can end with a pleas to a lesser charge, wet reckless or much better, a dry reckless. Before your lawyer is made such an offer, the DA will have evaluated their chances of success at a DUI trial. If your lawyer is known for fearless adviocay, the DA will make a better offer.
Attorney Douglas Fox has tried over 40 DUI jury trials.

CRIMES OF VIOLENCE: (PC 148, 240/242, 243, 245, 246, 187, 191, 192, 12020, 12022.7, 12022.5, 12025, 12031):

Perhaps surprisingly, crimes of violence provide great fodder for the intelligent criminal defense attorney who is willing to go to trial. One does not have to be a pacifist to detest violent criminal activity. Once a case comes to court however, the evidence may show that the wrong guy was accused, or more commonly, that there are issues pertaining to self-defense or defense of another. California Law — and US Constitutional Law — allow for the vigorous defense of oneself from becoming a victim of violent crime.

Attorney Douglas Fox has never lost a misdemeanor jury trial in a crime of violence over over 20 years of criminal defense law practice.

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